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AMI's Team

Our team is made up of talented individuals from diverse backgrounds, who bring their unique skills and perspectives to the table. We value collaboration, creativity, and continuous learning, and we strive to create a positive and supportive work environment where everyone can thrive.



Meet the AMI Professionals

helping YOU!


Daniel Amitin

As the proud founder of AMI Network, my responsibilities extend to a comprehensive scope that revolves around strategic initiatives. These initiatives encompass pivotal facets such as driving growth, nurturing client triumph, and orchestrating the seamless orchestration of operations across our multifaceted spectrum, which encompasses Direct Hire, RPO, and Staffing lines. My role is a dynamic blend of vision and execution, as I relentlessly strive to steer our organization toward greater horizons. My commitment to overseeing these diverse lines of business for fostering the evolution of AMI Network.

I Grew up in the San Fernando Valley, attended UCLA, fell in love with the weather and culture on the west side and have lived here ever since. Founded AMI Network in 2010, at the ripe age of 24. It’s been an incredible journey growing the business from my parents garage into a top 10% search firm in the United States. Watching the team grow, develop and continue to excel has been an incredibly gratifying feeling and thinking about growth plans over the next 5-10 years are the reason I wake up at night!

Vice President, Direct Hire & RPO Solutions

Greg Fischer

I lead a team of über talented recruiters (the equivalent of “The Avengers” of headhunting), and I am responsible for managing the relationship with our clients. My role is to understand your “perfect hire” down to the color of their shoes while consulting our team and yours on the best way to attract them. I collaborate closely with both our team and yours, offering strategic insights to ensure we attract and secure the ideal candidates seamlessly and effectively.

I joined AMI Network on a sunny Santa Monica morning in April 2016. Since then I’ve been lucky enough to play a part in growing our firm from two bright-eyed, bushy-tailed 20-somethings in to a process-driven, top-10% Executive Search firm. I get a strange satisfaction from the challenge of helping our clients make a “needle in a haystack” hire, but that’s just part of what gets me out of bed in the morning. Easily the most rewarding part of my role at AMI is building a remarkable place for our team to work and providing an opportunity for them to grow and prosper.

Operations Manager

Katie Goddard

Starting at AMI Network, I quickly realized that my initial career plans were about to take an exciting turn. The recruitment industry captured my heart from the very beginning. Coming from many areas in the hospitality industry, where I spent a decade honing my skills, I was well-prepared to thrive in the unpredictable world of healthcare recruitment.

When I'm not busy putting out fires and ensuring smooth operations at AMI Network, you can often find me at Trader Joe's or taking a meeting on my way out to the airport to explore the next cool spot on my bucket list.

Manager, Direct Hire Recruitment

Genevieve Tyler

As the Direct Hire Recruitment Manager, recruiting speaks to my personal mission of changing people’s lives for the better. I lead a team of extremely talented recruiters who share the same passion for making a difference in people’s lives. Together, we work towards our mission of helping healthcare professionals and executive leaders find fulfilling careers. With my background in healthcare recruiting, brand management, and talent marketing, I guide my team to understand the market. We build strong relationships with our candidates, ensuring that we find the perfect match for each role we fill.

A fun fact about me is that my entire family is from South Africa. I have gotten to travel there pretty frequently – my sister and most of my extended family still live in South Africa. I would highly recommend the wine route in Stellenbosch for the best wine tastings in the world!

Manager, RPO Recruitment

Nicole Russi

As the Recruitment Manager responsible for overseeing our RPO recruiters and clients, my absolute favorite part of my role is helping our recruiters unlock their full potential and achieve outstanding results. There’s nothing quite as rewarding as witnessing the incredible impact we make in the organizations we partner with. Together, we create success stories that leave a lasting mark, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of this journey with our incredible team.

I love what I do here at AMI Network, the real reason I enjoy my job is because of the amazing humans I get the pleasure of working with every day. I grew up in a very small town in Northern California, and had 5 goats and 3 horses! Still not sure how I wound up in Los Angeles, but I’m loving it here.

Business Development Specialist

Joseph Stedman

After 7 years in the outdoor industry, I left my career of managing high-performing teams and building world-class rock climbing gyms to finish school and seek out a new start in the Healthcare industry. In my role as Business Development Specialist at AMI Network, I  bring a dynamic approach to building partnerships and driving revenue growth. I take pride in understanding our client’s needs and identifying top talent to help them achieve their business objectives. Leveraging AMI’s all-star Recruiters and cutting-edge Research teams, I strive to provide our clients with the best talent solutions available. 

My wife and I are currently traveling the U.S. in a big blue converted school bus; enjoying the outdoors, ALL the food, live music, and an endless summer with our 2 dogs (Detroit & Rockie) and our cat (Otis). Ask me about my favorite camping and surfing spots or how my golf swing is coming along (spoiler alert- not well.) 

Business Development Manager

Debbie Luskin

I was lucky enough to be sourced by the AMI Network team as the Business Development Manager in 2022.  With over 10 years of experience in the staffing industry under my belt, I just LOVE helping employers in the healthcare markets, find top talent to fill their vacancies! I started my career in business development after getting my degree from Ohio State University and have since gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the staffing industry.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with such an incredible team and look forward to helping our clients find the perfect candidates for their vacancies.

When I’m not working hard to solve your staffing challenges, I love spending time with my amazing husband and 9-year-old son.  We’re an adventurous family and you can usually find us outside, either hanging by the pool, having a bonfire, or exploring the great outdoors in our camper!  We’re currently trying to convince my husband that we need a dog, but we’ll see how that goes!


Tina Lewis

I’m a recruiter at AMI Network as of January of 2022! I focus on finding the best candidates to fill open healthcare roles. I believe a successful healthcare career always starts with the right opportunities! I’m a master’s prepared nurse, and have been in the healthcare industry for over fourteen years. I am knowledgeable about different healthcare positions and can provide expertise for your next career move. Recruiting talented healthcare workers to their perfect role is truly inspiring!

I'm a mom of two humans and a corgi! I was born and raised in small town Amarillo (you know, like the George Strait song?) where we get wind and tumbleweeds, but also glorious west Texas sunsets!

Sr. Recruiter

Angela Bonanni-Wolfe

I have carried a few titles in my time, my favorite is the one I get to do every single day…..Dream Team Creator!
I have worked in healthcare for over 20 years, starting as a receptionist working my way up to senior leadership/operations. Hiring and recruiting quickly became one of my favorite responsibilities. It gave me an opportunity to truly connect with people in one of the most vulnerable settings….interviewing and job hunting! I LOVE helping people grow, believe in themselves, and achieve! Recruiting is like being Cupid but I shoot funny productive emails, not arrows 🙂

Some things I do when I am not working: I love to cook and feed anyone and everyone, but I can’t bake even if it comes in a box with directions! I lift weights, trail walk with my doggos, adventures with my husband and 2 bonus kids, love movies, and football every weekend! “I follow three rules: Do the right thing, do the best you can, and always show people you care.”

Sr. Healthcare Staffing Recruiter

Naomi Abeyta

I’m a Healthcare Staffing Recruiter at AMI! Over the past three years, I’ve found the perfect match for healthcare professionals at the right time, and it’s been a blast! But hey, it’s not just about jobs for me. It’s about making meaningful links, shaping careers, and making sure the healthcare field gets the awesome folks it needs to shine! When it comes to my work, I bring endless enthusiasm, way too many exclamation points, and an undeniable love for emojis.

But let's talk about me personally, shall we? I live and breathe by values such as integrity, honesty, kindness, directness, and transparency, which, if you ask me, are the secret sauce to my recruiting success. And when I'm not glued to my computer or phone or chasing around my kiddos, you can find me trying to keep my thumb green by gardening or getting lost in Pinterest house designs.

Healthcare Staffing Recruiter

Madina Nayibkhil

Hello I’m Madina! – a Healthcare Recruiter extraordinaire at AMI Healthcare Staffing! I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of a team that’s dedicated to helping our clients and candidates find the quickest and best available match. It’s funny how life works – I stumbled into the world of recruiting 5 years ago by pure luck and the rest is history. It’s been a love affair ever since, and there’s no swiping left on this career choice! Recruiting can be crazy, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Even when my inbox is overflowing with a million emails, I still somehow enjoy getting lost in the chaos.

Apart from work, I delight in baking and decorating cakes, staying active, finding new investment opportunities, and traveling! I’m always planning my next travel adventure. So, whether you’re looking for your next role or just want to swap travel tips, I’m always happy to chat!


Regelle Allison

Coming from the finance industry, I’ve worn many hats, from being a Teller to an Assistant Bank Manager. Over the past ten years, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with people daily which really helped me understand their needs. I became excited about how I could be a matchmaker for careers. That’s when I found AMI. They provided me with the chance to truly help people find meaningful careers that would transform their lives. And let me tell you, I couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of it all. AMI empowers individuals, and I’m here to create those life-changing opportunities that make a difference.

I'm the person that's usually on the dance floor if there is ever music playing. I always end up gathering a group of strangers to dance or giving dance tutorials. My favorite language is Spanish. I studied it for about 7 years. A tad rusty now but always love the opportunity to speak it with others. If I'm eating mangoes, it usually has salt, peppers, and green seasoning on it. We call it a “Chow” where I’m from.


Elle Simmons

May 2023 was the start of my journey with the AMI team as a Direct-Hire Recruiter, bringing a diverse range of experience in non-profit and public health work with me. From Ethiopia to Colorado, I’ve had the life-giving opportunity to witness the transformative power of connecting the right people to the right roles in driving effective healthcare initiatives. I’ve seen firsthand how the perfect match between talent and position can drive meaningful change and support healthcare initiatives, I’ll work tirelessly to streamline processes, ensuring it appeals to your ideal audience and positions you for success.

When I'm not facilitating game-changing career placements, I'm studying for an MPH in between hugging rehabilitating horses, holding my husky-pup (then lint-rolling fur off of every surface for hours), acting like I'm in a music video on a mountain-hike, or telling myself that I do, in fact, need another pair of 70's flares.

Staffing Coordinator

Marlene Martinez

My career started off doing administrative work for a staffing agency back in 2012 and soon realized that the staffing industry was something that I could see myself working in for years to come.  I’ve gained a lot of experience within the staffing industry throughout the years and have been responsible for anything from data entry, onboarding to sourcing/interviewing and everything else in between!  I enjoy knowing that I am a part of facilitating the process for both our clients and our employees along with making the process run smooth on both ends!

In my spare time, I love spending time with my family.  I was born in California where I lived for a couple of years, then moved to Vegas and have been in Illinois for the past 20+ years!


Becky Becerra

Welcome to my corner of the healthcare recruitment realm! I am a passionate Healthcare Recruiter with a singular mission: to help candidates discover their dream jobs. With an intuitive understanding of both position requirements and candidates’ aspirations, I have mastered the art of seamlessly matching companies with the perfect applicants. With over a decade of experience in the recruitment industry, I have honed my skills to deliver exceptional results. I am driven by a steadfast commitment to align candidates with opportunities that not only meet their needs but also fulfill their aspirations.

Welcome to my corner of the healthcare recruitment realm! I am a passionate Healthcare Recruiter with a singular mission: to help candidates discover their dream jobs. With an intuitive understanding of both position requirements and candidates’ aspirations, I have mastered the art of seamlessly matching companies with the perfect applicants. With over a decade of experience in the recruitment industry, I have honed my skills to deliver exceptional results. I am driven by a steadfast commitment to align candidates with opportunities that not only meet their needs but also fulfill their aspirations.


Michelle Hawkins

I am currently in the role of Direct Hire Recruiter at AMI Network, where I have the opportunity to work closely with clients to address their hiring requirements. With nearly 18 years of experience in healthcare recruitment, I have had the privilege of assisting numerous clients in finding the ideal candidates for their organizations. I genuinely enjoy collaborating with both clients and candidates to ensure a seamless and mutually beneficial match.

I applied to AMI Network with understanding of the direction and work/life balance this company has planned and implements. Moving back to Temporary Staffing with my background, I was ready to tackle a rapidly growing agency and happy I did. When I am not helping organizations staff their job sites, I enjoy traveling and cooking. Once a year I try to do a vacation overseas. My favorite so far is Florence, Italy.


Brendan Dougherty

I came to AMI from the higher ed world, being a “road warrior” for college admissions. AMI has helped me see the brighter side of work and showed me the way to love what I do. My role at AMI is working with both higher ed and healthcare candidates. As a recruiter, I strive to create meaningful connections with candidates and employers. Understanding the unique strengths, aspirations, and potential of individuals allows me to match them with organizations where they can truly thrive. I’m committed to fostering an environment where everyone’s talents are recognized and their goals are nurtured.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I have a deep love for sports. Whether it's playing on the field or cheering from the stands, sports have been a constant source of joy and sadness. I’m a Philadelphia 4 for 4 fan, Eagles, Sixers, Phillies, and Flyers. As much joy as they bring me, the sadness runs deep for us Philly fans. If you want to talk sports, I’m your guy. You can find me playing the sports I love, lacrosse, football, and volleyball. I’m always down to try new activities. I find that participating in sports not only keeps me physically fit but also sharpens my mental acuity and fuels my passion for personal growth.


Abby McLaughlin

I’m Abby – your go-to for all things behavioral health recruiting at AMI. I found a posting for AMI on Indeed and thought, “This can’t be real, can it?” But as fate would have it, I was about to discover my true passion – helping others find their dream job. As a former 911 dispatcher, mental health has always been at the forefront of my mind. I know how important it is to find a job that aligns with your values and passions. That’s why I feel incredibly fortunate to spend my days connecting with therapists and social workers and helping them find the perfect job that fulfills their career goals.

Having spent multiple years shadowing medical professionals in many different capacities gave me a unique understanding and respect for our countries healers. Five years of experience in communications as an emergency dispatcher gave me the knowledge and ability to work effectively to meet the needs of clients and potential candidates alike. When I'm not working you can find me and my golden retriever, Gibson, looking for new trails to hike in the mountains!

Our International Team

Claude-Henri De Bien

At AMI Network, I am responsible for managing the Recruitment Support Analyst Team, a Jack-of-all trades that handles training, lead generation, list building, administrative support, and business development.

A connoisseur of the finest Memes. Working with AMI Network is an absolute blast! From the time I embarked my journey with the company I was hungry for something new, dedicated and determined to excel. With my wife as my inspiration, I will continue to walk this path and be betster with my craft.

Claude-Henri De Bien

Recruitment Support Analyst Supervisor Linkedin Icon

Christian Flores

Currently, at AMI Network I am a Lead Recruitment Support Analyst. My main role is to support recruiters with their respective sourcing, reporting, administrative and training projects. I have extensive corporate experience in project management, transaction processing, and data inventory in the health, benefits, and insurance industries.

I love working for AMI because, despite having zero experience in the recruitment industry, it allowed me to explore and expand my knowledge of the business at my own pace and flexibility by being exposed to the market’s dynamic team and experts. Outside of work, I am a foodie who owns @thefamishedpanda for my food photography and a traveler who loves exploring different countries.

Christian Flores

Lead Recruitment Support Analyst Linkedin Icon

Michelle Alivio

I am part of the Business Development team at AMI Network. I help them in research, identify and connect them with top talent across the healthcare industry. I use a variety of techniques and different web-based research tools.

I am part of the Business Development team at AMI Network. I help them in research, identify and connect them with top talent across the healthcare industry. I use a variety of techniques and different web-based research tools.

Michelle Alivio

Business Development Researcher Linkedin Icon

Jennifer Dumlao

My name is Jennifer, I’m the newest RSA based in the Philippines. I am very fortunate to be able to join AMI in November 2021. I do Business Development and am assigned to HR, Finance, and Customer Service. I’m grateful to be part of this amazing company.

My name is Jennifer, I’m the newest RSA based in the Philippines. I am very fortunate to be able to join AMI in November 2021. I do Business Development and am assigned to HR, Finance, and Customer Service. I’m grateful to be part of this amazing company.

Jennifer Dumlao

Business Development Researcher Linkedin Icon

Dana May Carandang

As a Recruitment Support Analyst, I help our hardworking and determined recruiters to build company lists, source potential candidates for our open positions and send campaigns to help increase chances of landing an interview with a potential hire.

I am a mother with dreams and aspirations for my two lovely kids and wanted to earn extra to save up for their future. I was referred by a friend to apply at AMI and luckily was hired on the 4th of October. This job is way out of my usual jobs in the past but I love doing it for the challenge and yet, I am still able to work at my own pace. It’s a bonus that the team is composed of amazing people. I love them!

Dana May Carandang

Recruitment Support Analyst Linkedin Icon

Randy Ebuenga

At AMI Network I provide help to the Recruitment Team by looking for potential leads thru web research and calls as well as perform administrative tasks as needed.

I started working in the BPO Industry in 2010 and went up the ranks from being a Customer Service Representative to Operations Team Leader to a Quality Analyst. I am trained in Basic Lean Six Sigma principles, and although I am not a belt holder, I am experienced in utilizing these in doing process improvements in the companies I worked in before. I started working in the Lead Generation field in the midst of the pandemic until I grew to love doing it. Looking for leads feels like looking for a treasure and it still amazes me now how much I can still learn in this field.

Randy Ebuenga

Recruitment Support Analyst Linkedin Icon


Thank you for considering our experts

As a team, we come from various backgrounds, cultures, and experiences, bringing unique perspectives and expertise to our work. We believe that diversity is a strength and that it enhances our ability to understand and meet the needs of our clients and candidates in a global job market.

Our team is committed to building meaningful relationships with both clients and candidates, understanding their unique requirements and aspirations, and delivering exceptional results. We take pride in our ability to match the right talent with the right opportunities, and we go the extra mile to ensure a positive experience for all parties involved.

What we believe in What we believe in

Here at AMI Network, we wholeheartedly believe our jobs or careers shouldn’t define us 100%. A happy, holistic approach to work/life/play balance is what we constantly strive for on the daily.

Why It’s Important Why It’s Important

Happy employee, Happy company! As simple as that. Having more than a transactional relationship with your job improves your work/life balance.

Solutions Solutions

Our CEO is consistently putting himself in the shoes of his employees. What makes him want to stay at a company? What benefits would he like? These benefits are always evolving to ensure staying competitive in this space.

Unmatched flexibility and many other benefits

Unlimited PTO

All salaried employees of AMI Network get UNLIMITED PTO on top of Paid Sick Leave. Mental health days, vacation in Peru, whatever you need. PTO must be requested in advance so there can be proper coverage of your day-to-day workload.

Company Trips / Monthly Outings / Group Meditation

As a company, it is very important to have time to bond outside of an office setting. Below are just a few things we like to get together and do:

  • Yearly company trips to a desirable, agreed-upon destination, (think Hawaii, Costa Rica, etc.)
  • Monthly virtual group meditation *best nap on the clock you will ever experience

Health Insurance / 401k Match / Personal Development

  • Company-paid Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance, up to $450/month
  • 401K match UP TO 30% (capped at $2,500/year)
  • Quarterly reimbursement towards any Mental Health/Therapy/Book
  • $500 towards tuition reimbursement for personal or professional development