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AMI's Team

Our team is made up of talented individuals from diverse backgrounds, who bring their unique skills and perspectives to the table. We value collaboration, creativity, and continuous learning, and we strive to create a positive and supportive work environment where everyone can thrive.



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Daniel Amitin

As the founder of AMI Network, my role is to continuously oversee strategic initiatives involving growth, client success and overall operations for Direct Hire, RPO and Staffing lines.

Vice President, Direct Hire & RPO Solutions

Greg Fischer

I lead a team of über talented recruiters (the equivalent of “The Avengers” of headhunting), and I am responsible for managing the relationship with our clients. My role is to understand your “perfect hire” down to the color of their shoes while consulting our team and yours on the best way to attract them.

Operations Manager

Katie Goddard

Starting at AMI Network really changed my initial plan for my career because I fell in love with the Recruitment Industry instantly. Coming from 10 years in the hospitality industry, it really prepared me for the crazy world of recruitment. Within AMI Network I over see day to day operations to help the recruiters and business support team be successful.


Genevieve Tyler

I joined AMI Network in September 2021 and have found my niche as an executive recruiter for direct hire clients. I have always been passionate about the healthcare industry and enjoy building strong relationships with candidates and clients alike. I have a strong background in healthcare recruiting, employer brand management, and talent marketing and enjoy utilizing my professional experience to ensure placements are the right cultural fit for all parties.


Nicole Russi

I am a recruiter here at AMI, and my favorite part of my role is being able to form connections with candidates and our clients. I love seeing when we’re able to find that perfect match, and the impact we make in candidates’ lives as well as in the organizations we partner with!


Tina Lewis

I’m a recruiter at AMI Network as of January of 2022! I focus on finding the best candidates to fill open healthcare roles. I believe a successful healthcare career always starts with the right opportunities! I’m a master’s prepared nurse, and have been in the healthcare industry for over fourteen years. I am knowledgeable about different healthcare positions and can provide expertise for your next career move. Recruiting talented healthcare workers to their perfect role is truly inspiring!


Becky Becerra

I am a Healthcare Recruiter with a passion to help candidates find their dream jobs across the United States. Call me the matchmaker. My years of understanding the needs of a position and a candidate, has helped me match companies to applicants seamlessly. I’m a voice for candidates – assisting them with their resumes to add some “POP” and getting them prepared for their interviews.

Recruiter, Staffing Division

Michelle Hawkins

My current role at AMI Network is on the Staffing Recruitment side of things. Sourcing and screening temp candidates for various healthcare roles. I’ve been in healthcare recruitment for about 16yrs- started as a travel RN recruiter, then moved to a company that handles RPOs and direct hires. After getting my hands dirty in both, I figured out my love is in temp staffing. I like the daily hustle and variety of roles and candidates- keeps me on my toes.

Associate Recruiter

Brendan Dougherty

At AMI Network, I am in the recruiting side of Program Directors, Associate Deans, and Deans for higher education institutions. I came to AMI with a higher education background working in admission offices. The most rewarding part of working with incoming students was providing them an opportunity for an education. I am excited to provide our prospective clients with an opportunity to further their careers.

Associate Recruiter, Staffing Division

Abby McLaughlin

At AMI Network, I work on the Temporary Staffing side as an Associate Recruiter. Becoming a recruiter at AMI gave me the opportunity to not only work in a field that I am passionate about but also use my experience in communications to build relationships and empathize with the needs of each potential job candidate. Working for AMI gives me the ability to work under and learn from some of the top recruiters in the medical recruiting space.

Our Off Shore Team

Claude-Henri De Bien

At AMI Network, I am responsible for managing the Recruitment Support Analyst Team, a Jack-of-all trades that handles training, lead generation, list building, administrative support, and business development.

Claude-Henri De Bien Linkedin Icon

Recruitment Support Analyst Supervisor Linkedin Icon

Christian Flores

Currently, at AMI Network I am a Lead Recruitment Support Analyst. My main role is to support recruiters with their respective sourcing, reporting, administrative and training projects. I have extensive corporate experience in project management, transaction processing, and data inventory in the health, benefits, and insurance industries.

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Michelle Alivio

I am part of the Business Development team at AMI Network. I help them in research, identify and connect them with top talent across the healthcare industry. I use a variety of techniques and different web-based research tools.

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Business Development Researcher Linkedin Icon

Jennifer Dumlao

My name is Jennifer, I’m the newest RSA based in the Philippines. I am very fortunate to be able to join AMI in November 2021. I do Business Development and am assigned to HR, Finance, and Customer Service. I’m grateful to be part of this amazing company.

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Business Development Researcher Linkedin Icon

Dana May Carandang

As a Recruitment Support Analyst, I help our hardworking and determined recruiters to build company lists, source potential candidates for our open positions and send campaigns to help increase chances of landing an interview with a potential hire.

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Recruitment Support Analyst Linkedin Icon

Randy Ebuenga

At AMI Network I provide help to the Recruitment Team by looking for potential leads thru web research and calls as well as perform administrative tasks as needed.

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What we believe in What we believe in

Here at AMI Network, we wholeheartedly believe our jobs or careers shouldn’t define us 100%. A happy, holistic approach to work/life/play balance is what we constantly strive for on the daily.

Why It’s Important Why It’s Important

Happy employee, Happy company! As simple as that. Having more than a transactional relationship with your job improves your work/life balance.

Solutions Solutions

Our CEO is consistently putting himself in the shoes of his employees. What makes him want to stay at a company? What benefits would he like? These benefits are always evolving to ensure staying competitive in this space.

Unmatched flexibility and many other benefits

Unlimited PTO

All salaried employees of AMI Network get UNLIMITED PTO on top of Paid Sick Leave. Mental health days, vacation in Peru, whatever you need. PTO must be requested in advance so there can be proper coverage of your day-to-day workload.

Company Trips / Monthly Outings / Group Meditation

As a company, it is very important to have time to bond outside of an office setting. Below are just a few things we like to get together and do:

  • Yearly company trips to a desirable, agreed-upon destination, (think Hawaii, Costa Rica, etc.)
  • Monthly virtual group meditation *best nap on the clock you will ever experience

Health Insurance / 401k Match / Personal Development

  • Company-paid Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance, up to $450/month
  • 401K match UP TO 30% (capped at $2,500/year)
  • Quarterly reimbursement towards any Mental Health/Therapy/Book
  • $500 towards tuition reimbursement for personal or professional development