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Modernize your ability to attract talent

AMI NETWORK’s consulting
services provide clients with a
better recruitment and hiring
solution. Explore how we can
help your organization’s hiring
success rate.

At AMI Network, we quite literally rely on our ability to attract top talent in order to put food on the table.

We enjoy fine dining as much as you do, so we’ve spent the past decade obsessing about how to optimize the recruitment process. Whether you’re a 10-employee startup trying to scale or a $500M Health System looking to gain a competitive edge (we’ve consulted both), we can help you reshape your processes and tools to compete in today’s rapidly changing market.


Elevating Your Recruiting Game: How AMI Network Can Be Your Secret Weapon!

Optimizing Your Recruitment Toolkit

This is a fast-changing world, and we will do a comprehensive review of which resources you currently use, identify areas where money or time can be saved, and others to double down on. We’ve subscribed to virtually every job board.

Ongoing Process Improvement

Our internal data suggests that a 7.1 day increase in recruitment cycle length correlates with a 42% greater chance that a candidate will reject your job offer. Every organization has workflow and process inefficiencies, and we’ll help you find and correct them.

Maximizing Candidate Appeal

Modern candidates do substantial research before applying to a job. Companies pay marketing & design professionals tens of thousands of dollars to ensure their website is attractive for potential customers, but fail to hire a specialist to do this for their job posts and other branding. With our 4-point analysis, we'll provide guidance on improving your job posts and overall digital presence.

Internal Recruiter Coaching

AMI Network is committed to providing an extensive range of services to support recruiters in the healthcare industry. Our offerings include coaching on effective candidate evaluation and attraction over the phone, sourcing strategies, Boolean bootcamps, and comprehensive training on sourcing candidates and improving the quality of outreach to ensure our clients have the tools and knowledge they need.

Better Technology and Better Data

With recruitment becoming more technology driven by the day, proper data can not only inform decisions to reduce overhead, but also help identify bottlenecks in the hiring process, and identify resources to invest in. We will partner with your internal leadership to identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to optimize these results.

Let’s connect about how AMI NETWORK can help YOU.