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Healthcare recruitment leaders providing direct hire, temporary staffing, and customized, high-volume recruitment solutions, also known as RPO.

How our journey started…

AMI Network was founded in 2010 as a direct hire, executive search firm specializing in the healthcare sector. Since then, we’ve grown by leaps and bounds to provide direct hire, temporary staffing, and temp-to-perm solutions for our clients.

2010: Started in a garage as a single-member business and quickly turned into a mutli-faceted search firm providing real value for job seekers and hiring authorities in the healthcare space.
2011: Moved out of garage and into an office! With a view… Hallelujah!
2013: First part-time employee is hired to help in continuing to grow our client base.
2017: Our firm became a top 10% Search Firm in the United States
2019: Our first RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) engagement with a $375M Managed Care organization in the Bay Area. We were tasked with hiring over 100+ staff members including RNs, Case Managers, Managers, Directors, Medical Directors, VPs, et al.
2020: Did 2020 even happen? With Covid, the year was such a blur and there were so many unknowns. AMI Network was not only able to survive the unknown, but this was a year of tremendous growth, success, and reflection. We launched a new service line, our Temporary Staffing Division. We became equipped to help our clients with not only direct hire searches, but with temporary employees allowing us to offer a full-service solution.
2021: With 12 Team Members (and growing), we expanded our successful model to service the entire United States, with New York and Florida comprising our 2nd & 3rd largest markets (after California)
2022: We grew to 20+ team members and focused copious efforts on continuing to streamline processes and maximize efficiencies while continuously striving to understand the landscape of the healthcare market. Our largest accomplishment is building out a Recruitment Support team to help find off-market candidates. We offer a search so comprehensive, very few firms out there can match our ability to produce candidates who don’t even know they’re looking for their next opportunity.

We’re Specialists

For more than a decade we have recruited exclusively in Healthcare. Each of our 7 practice areas has a dedicated recruiter. When you work with us, you get a partner who’s a true expert and is not only able to discern the candidates who can “walk the walk” from the ones who can’t, but also understands how to attract them.

More resources than…

just about everyone out there. We think of ourselves as “recruitment nerds” and obsess over every new automation tool, headhunting resource, niche job base, and invest in 13 (and counting) sourcing and engagement technologies. We even have a bakery on retainer to send candidates custom donuts. Yes, you read that correctly! 64% of our candidates are “off market” and come through cold outreach or referrals. No shortcuts, just networking.


We make YOU better

With over a decade of testing every approach under the sun, we’ve learned a thing or two about the Healthcare Recruitment game. When our clients win, we win. Partnering with us means a consultative approach and gaining insights into the technologies worth investing in (and the ones to avoid), feedback on interviewing tactics, and recommendations on process improvement.

What Drives Us

Team Success

Our mission is to continually create a system that facilitates balance, sustainable income, self-expression, work-life balance & growth for our team.

Client Success

We’re driven to help our clients hire team members and leaders who make a meaningful impact within their own orginization.

Candidate Success

AMI Network is passionate about helping talented people find rewarding careers that you dream of having. We want you to be proud of where you work!

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