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Our Promise to You to Elevate Your Experience

AMI Network delivers first candidates within 1 week for 92% of searches

We respond to every email or phone call within 24 hours

Our team sends out weekly summaries of each candidate’s search status


We provide feedback from our team & candidates on the strengths & weaknesses of your recruitment efforts plus recommendations to further optimize the process.

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We use a 15-point system to build an avatar of your “perfect hire” and how to best market the position. We explore past challenges you’ve had with recruitment, which companies to target, and which to avoid. This will also help us determine which 3-person team of a Sourcer, Recruiter, and Project Manager will be best suited for the search.



Unicorns don’t apply on job boards, which is why you decided to hire us. They do abound aplenty in our internal network of 40,000 healthcare professionals we’ve recruited over the years. These are highly talented individuals who trust us, and while they aren’t actively looking, will always listen when we approach them with a unique opportunity. We also have a swiss army knife of 9 differed recruitment tools at our disposal that will make any recruitment manager drool. If this person exists, we have access to them (and a dozen more who are just as juicy)!



Here’s where the “fun” starts. Our Recruiter and Project Manager will begin reaching out to the shortlist of candidates who are qualified on paper. Calls will be made, emails will be sent, doors will be knocked on, and blood may be spilled until we’ve tracked down your unicorn. Okay maybe not that last part, but you get the idea - we will work our tails off until we’ve spoken to every single individual who seems like a strong fit. This is also where we do a delicate dance between scrutinizing their skill set and background to ensure they are a strong fit, while “selling” the right candidates, and making sure that you have access to every single one!

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Okay, so you fell in love with one of our candidates - we can’t blame you, it happens all the time! You want to make the hire, but don’t want to overspend. We will serve as a consultant and advise not only on what your competitors are offering, but also on the candidate’s expectations. Our goal is to help you arrive at a number that you’re happy with, and that will keep your new employee content and working for you for years to come!


We are your recruiting consultant

Throughout the process of finding your all-star employee, we will always provide guidance on how to make the strongest possible hire and feedback each step of the way.

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