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Daniel Amitin

I Grew up in the San Fernando Valley, attended UCLA, fell in love with the weather and culture on the west side and have lived here ever since. Founded AMI Network in 2010, at the ripe age of 24. It’s been an incredible journey growing the business from my parents garage into a top 10% search firm in the United States. Watching the team grow, develop and continue to excel has been an incredibly gratifying feeling and thinking about growth plans over the next 5-10 years are the reason I wake up at night!

Greg Fischer

I joined AMI Network on a sunny Santa Monica morning in April 2016. Since then I’ve been lucky enough to play a part in growing our firm from two bright-eyed, bushy-tailed 20-somethings in to a process-driven, top-10% Executive Search firm. I get a strange satisfaction from the challenge of helping our clients make a “needle in a haystack” hire, but that’s just part of what gets me out of bed in the morning. Easily the most rewarding part of my role at AMI is building a remarkable place for our team to work and providing an opportunity for them to grow and prosper.

Katie Goddard

When I am not preventing fires at AMI you can find me at Trader Joes or in any major city exploring.

Genevieve Tyler

A fun fact about me is that my entire family is from South Africa. I have gotten to travel there pretty frequently – my sister and most of my extended family still live in South Africa. I would highly recommend the wine route in Stellenbosch for the best wine tastings in the world!

Nicole Russi

I love what I do here at AMI Network, the real reason I enjoy my job is because of the amazing humans I get the pleasure of working with every day. I grew up in a very small town in Northern California, and had 5 goats and 3 horses! Still not sure how I wound up in Los Angeles, but I’m loving it here.

Tina Lewis

I’m a mom of two humans and a corgi! I was born and raised in small town Amarillo (you know, like the George Strait song?) where we get wind and tumbleweeds, but also glorious west Texas sunsets!

Becky Becerra

With over 10 years in the recruitment industry, I was on a mission to work for a company that values current standards within the job market. AMI Network exemplifies this and it helps me find the best employment package for all candidates while being mindful of market trends.

Michelle Hawkins

I applied to AMI Network with understanding of the direction and work/life balance this company has planned and implements. Moving back to Temporary Staffing with my background, I was ready to tackle a rapidly growing agency and happy I did. When I am not helping organizations staff their job sites, I enjoy traveling and cooking. Once a year I try to do a vacation overseas. My favorite so far is Florence, Italy.

Brendan Dougherty

I enjoy staying active with my two dogs, a Great Dane named Finn and a Dalmatian named Sophie. I also stay active by playing grass volleyball, flag football, and lacrosse.

Abby McLaughlin

Having spent multiple years shadowing medical professionals in many different capacities gave me a unique understanding and respect for our countries healers. Five years of experience in communications as an emergency dispatcher gave me the knowledge and ability to work effectively to meet the needs of clients and potential candidates alike. When I’m not working you can find me and my golden retriever, Gibson, looking for new trails to hike in the mountains!