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Claude-Henri De Bien

A connoisseur of the finest Memes. Working with AMI Network is an absolute blast! From the time I embarked my journey with the company I was hungry for something new, dedicated and determined to excel. With my wife as my inspiration, I will continue to walk this path and be betster with my craft.

Christian Flores

I love working for AMI because, despite having zero experience in the recruitment industry, it allowed me to explore and expand my knowledge of the business at my own pace and flexibility by being exposed to the market’s dynamic team and experts. Outside of work, I am a foodie who owns @thefamishedpanda for my food photography and a traveler who loves exploring different countries.

Michelle Alivio

Allyssa Vergara

Valentina Pavlovic

I am the mother of three boys Filip, Matija and Luka. When ever weather allows as we enjoy making day trips to cool places in nature and when we are forced to stay indoors, we have fun baking cookies.

Dana May Carandang

I am a mother with dreams and aspirations for my two lovely kids and wanted to earn extra to save up for their future. I was referred by a friend to apply at AMI and luckily was hired on the 4th of October. This job is way out of my usual jobs in the past but I love doing it for the challenge and yet, I am still able to work at my own pace. It’s a bonus that the team is composed of amazing people. I love them!

Randy Ebuenga

I started working in the BPO Industry in 2010 and went up the ranks from being a Customer Service Representative to Operations Team Leader to a Quality Analyst. I am trained in Basic Lean Six Sigma principles, and although I am not a belt holder, I am experienced in utilizing these in doing process improvements in the companies I worked in before. I started working in the Lead Generation field in the midst of the pandemic until I grew to love doing it. Looking for leads feels like looking for a treasure and it still amazes me now how much I can still learn in this field.

Efren Cabrera

I’m a Recruitment Support Analyst at AMI Network, based in the Philippines. I take immense pride in my job, working with an incredible team that offers top-notch support in healthcare recruitment. Working here strikes a perfect balance between my career and personal life. Outside of work, I’m a homebody who’s into all sorts of media – from films and books to indie music and photography.  And I’m a huge fan of Japanese pop-culture, so if you ever want to geek out, just give me a shout!

Kacey Tunac

Elaine Estacio

Hello! I am Elaine, a work-from-home mom from the Philippines. When I’m not working, I spend my time gardening, cooking or doing artsy stuff with my son.