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Larisa Bukh

About Larisa

A little about myself before AMI Network: I was born in Ukraine, Kyiv, and immigrated to San Francisco at age 10 with my family with only two suitcases per person, enough money for just the first month's rent, and ZERO knowledge of English. I spoke English and mingled into the ways of life here within months. At age 15, I got my first paid job as a Medical Records Clerk at a large OBGYN office, working after school and on weekends. Most people would find this job a little boring, but I found it FASCINATING as I would find records that have been missing for years, like that needle in a haystack or finally getting their A-Z files in chronological order, which got me my first bonus check for a job well done. A WHOLE $100. Do you know how much gum and makeup you could buy for that back then? Let's say it was a good year's supply. But being around nurses, office staff, and patients while learning a new language (i.e., medical terminology) made me fall in love with the healthcare field. I was HOOKED and continued to work and volunteer with various healthcare companies in the Bay Area, including hospitals, multi-specialty practices, and non-profits, throughout high school, and college.  After graduating from UC Berkeley, my first corporate job was with a Fortune 500 International Staffing Agency. I assisted in launching their Healthcare Staffing division. I was instrumental in their growth for over 17 years while being a TOP Performer both as an individual contributor and a leader year after year.   My clients, candidates, and staff would say: I am transparent; I ask the hard questions that no one else will, I am hands-on, detailed, and dependable, and I genuinely care about their careers and companies’ well-being.  I always ensure it's a win-win for all sides and still like to look for that needle in a haystack.   In my off time: I am a wife, a mom to three beautiful girls, including one furry, and a helping hand to my neighbors and friends. I LOVE MY Philz Coffee, a good bargain, and a sandy beach.