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Practice Makes Perfect


  • Interview Coaching Packages:
  •     Interview Clinic
  • Interview Plus
  • Interview Custom
  • Job Targeting
  • Negotiating Salary
  • Questions to Ask Interviewer
  • 45-Minute Custom Mock Interview
  • Mock Interview Verbal Feedback
  • Comprehensive Written Critique
  • Extended Telephone Coaching Support (DAYS)
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What is it?
We’ll assist you in preparing for any sort of upcoming interview that you may have, whether that be with a potential employer or graduate school. We conduct a practice “mock” interview with you and later review strengths and weaknesses to best prepare you for the real thing.

Who is this for?
Anyone! Whether it’s a professional looking to move to their next position, a recent graduate entering the workplace or someone applying to medical school- we can help just about any person who needs to ace that next interview!

What to expect
The mock interview will last roughly 30-45 minutes and be led by trained and highly qualified interviewers. After the interview is over, the interviewers will provide you with extensive feedback and personalized tips based on your performance. The interview will also be recorded, so you may take a copy of the video with you for later review. Keep in mind, we also offer mock interviews via webcam and over the phone. Just ask!

Don’t wait- we’re here to make this as easy and helpful as possible! Even if interviews are “not your thing” and make you anxious, we’ll work with you to calm your nerves and practice so that it goes as smoothly as possible when it counts!