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As healthcare recruiters we recognize that there is a shortage of good people in the healthcare industry. Today it is essential to utilize the efforts of a professional healthcare recruiter that can offer a creative sourcing procedure while being cost effective.

Our team of healthcare recruiters has access to, and strong relationships with, a broad spectrum of healthcare talent both in clinical and healthcare operations. We meticulously search and maintain contact with the very best people in the healthcare industry. We have a large referral network, a successful website and a proven track record of finding and placing the best available candidates.

More importantly, the best candidates know how to find us! Candidates refer us to their friends and colleagues and as such, our candidate pool is a dynamic database that changes every single day.

  • Talent.

    The most talented, industry-experienced recruiters who have one common goal in mind -- matching the best candidates to the best job openings. We network with companies ranging from small start-ups all the way to Fortune 500 companies, and everything in between.
  • Network.

    We proactively search for the most talented candidates who are actively looking to upgrade their career paths. 90% of our placements come from referrals. This means we make tons of phone calls until we find the best people. No shortcuts - just networking.
  • Knowledge.

    Our recruiters are very personable and knowledgeable. The proof is in the pudding. Read some of our testimonials and trust AMI Network will make your experience a very pleasant one.